Environmental Management Systems Consulting

100% of Clients Who Go Through Our Proven Process Get Their Environmental Management System Certification on Their First Audit

(And they do it in 90 days or less)

Do you need Environmental Management System Certification? .

Getting ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certification can help you win new contracts. .

Certification will also give you tools and tips to reduce your environmental impact and improve environmental performance. .

What is environmental management? .

ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). .

Why do you need certification? .

Certification to ISO 14001 shows your clients you’re conscientious about executing ethical environmental practices on a daily basis. .

Plus, more Australian companies are making ISO 14001 a requirement of doing business. .

Who can get environmental management certification? .

Any business or organisation can get ISO 14001 certification, regardless of industry, activity, or sector. .

Why choose Surecert to help you prepare for ISO 14001 certification?

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    With over 12 years experience working with hundreds of businesses across Australia, Surecert can get your business certified to environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015) in 90 days or less! . 100% Money-back guarantee! . Furthermore, our service is guaranteed. If you follow our proven system and DON’T achieve certification the first time you go through your audit you’ll receive a full refund of our consulting fee.

    Here’s What Some of Our Clients Are Saying About Their Experience With SureCert
    “We recommend SureCert’s ISO certification services”
    Quality Management SystemSureCert’s ISO27001 consulting service resulted in Verifier being certified first time. It allowed us to make the necessary changes to be ready for the independent certification audit in a timely, cost effective fashion with minimal effort on our part. We recommend SureCert’s ISO certification services
    David G Thompson, Project Manager, Verifier

    “Not nearly as complicated as we thought. A real surprise!”
    quality safety certification“Not nearly as complicated as we thought. A real surprise!” 
    Good news! We have been certified on the first attempt with no corrective actions! Thank you for your help throughout the certification process. We were really suprised to find that it was not nearly as complicated as we thought.
    We look forward to our next Internal Audit.
    Sharon Johnson, QSE Manager, Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation

    “Hiring Surecert meant minimum disruption to our normal business practices”
    ab-marine certification We were pretty nervous at the start but after only one hour it became obvious that we could do this without much disruption to our normal business practices. Mike was really helpful and knowledgeable.

    Any documents or forms we needed were provided and the instruction was easy to understand. We definitely recommend SureCert!
    Adam Balkin, CEO, AB Marine

    ISO 9001

    The Surecert Difference

    At Surecert we take the time to understand your business. Then we tailor a quote and road-map to get you to certification in the easiest, most practical and cost effective way possible.

    Every business is different. So there can be NO one-size-fits-all approach to compliance. That’s why we tailor the solution to your business situation. We create a management system that’s easy to understand, fits your business like a glove, and makes certification easy and headache-free.

    Why you should get a quote today?

    First of all, a quote doesn’t obligate you in any way. But it does give you a better idea of where you stand. I mean, sure money isn’t the only consideration. But the cost of ISO certification IS a factor, along with other conditions such as experience of the consultant you hire, how well you relate to your consultant, speed of the work, and so on.

    So yes, you do need a quote. And since you’re going to get a quote sooner or later anyway, why not request one today. That way, when you sit down with the board or your business partner(s) you’ll have all the information you need to put forward a strong case for certification.

    Get Certified The Easy Way

    (No more stuffy documents, complicated procedures, or hard-to-follow instructions. Surecert make ISO certification easy.)

    Prefer to speak to a consultant in person before getting a quote?

    That’s fine. If you’d prefer to speak to a consultant in person, to discuss your specific requirements, you have 2 options:

    1. You can pick up the phone and call 0468 394 976 to chat or request a face-to-face meeting (can be done in person or via video conference) or
    2. You can complete the quote form on this page and in the box titled “What type of business do you have?” simply type “please call to discuss” and one of our consultants will call to talk with you

    1. Fast

    .Request a quote today and you’ll have the quote sitting on your desk or computer screen within 24 hours (even faster if you phone for a quote) and finalise certification in less than 90 days. The faster we get you certified the sooner you can start reaping the rewards.

    2. No pushy sales people

    You don’t need a pushy sales person to tell you how to manage your business. That’s why we prefer to educate than sell you on our method. And it’s why we give you a fair appraisal of your business situation and a customised quote to give you exactly what you want (no more, no less)

    3. Tailored to your business

    Because we create every management system from scratch (no standard one-size-fits-all templates) your new management system will match your business perfectly, making it more cost effective than other systems that require a lot of internal organisational change

    4. Simplified approach

    No one likes complication. Especially when a simple, straight forward approach is easier to implement and puts less strain or stress on your internal processes. Our proven method makes the certification process simple.