How Does Your Service Work?
We meet with you on-site or online for a couple of days and go through all the processes required identifying gaps and filling them up with processes policies and plans. During this time we will be providing you with training on the standards so that you have confidence in making changes as you deem fit.
Then we write up all your documents including the supporting forms, registers, checklists, etc. Prior to handover, we will have carried out a check to ensure the documentation meets the requirements of the standards.

Together we will review the work and check for accuracy. At handover, we provide a Pre-Audit Action Checklist which has been prioritised to ensure you are not wasting time on insignificant things.

You then carry out the implementation actions.

We meet again for Internal Audit Training.

You conduct your first internal audit.

You conduct a post-implementation management system review. We will show you how what is to be done.

You receive a certification audit and your certificates.

How long will it take me?

About 10-12 weeks on average, if you follow the tailor made Pre-Audit Action check list we provide. Our e-Book explains more.

How much work will I have to do?
Not a great deal. Most businesses are 70-90% compliant before we are engaged. The trick is knowing where to draw the line with the effort. That’s where we can help. After more than 8 years and hundreds of successful ISO certifications, we know what is required and, importantly what is not.
Will I have to employ another person to help maintain this?
Not very likely. We will show you how to simplify and integrate the ISO system into your daily activities so that there is very little extra work to do. You will need to conduct an internal audit (1-2days per year), manage corrective actions a little differently, and review the management system along with documents around once per year. You will also need to review suppliers around once per year.

When we write you system processes, we will use words like, if applicable, and where relevant so that you are not locked into processes that are too regimental and stifling.

What can I expect during an audit?
A good auditor is on your team. They are not there to catch you out but to help the business improve and will often have great ideas to help you streamline and remain compliant. The certificate is not the end game but merely a bi-product that happens to result in increased sales and retention of your existing clients.
What about privacy of my data?