How Does Your Service Work?

We meet with you on-site or online for a couple of days and go through all the processes required identifying gaps and filling them up with processes policies and plans. During this time we will be providing you with training on the standards so that you have confidence in making changes as you deem fit.

Then we write up all your documents including the supporting forms, registers, checklists, etc. Prior to handover, we will have carried out a check to ensure the documentation meets the requirements of the standards.

Together we will review the work and check for accuracy. At handover, we provide a Pre-Audit Action Checklist which has been prioritised to ensure you are not wasting time on insignificant things.

You then carry out the implementation actions.

We meet again for Internal Audit Training.

You conduct your first internal audit.

You conduct a post-implementation management system review. We will show you how what is to be done.

You receive a certification audit and your certificates.