What is ISO Certification?

Have you been asked to look into ISO certification?

Here are answers to common questions about ISO:

What is ISO?

ISO is an organisation that creates standards or requirements an organization must meet and maintain to achieve ISO certification. Examples of ISO standards include ISO 9001 (quality standard) and ISO 14001 (environmental standard).

Why do ISO standards exist?

The intent behind creating these standards is to help businesses and industries run better.

Can you give a simple explanation of ISO standards?


You might like to think about these standards as benchmarks or best practices for handling certain everyday procedures and processes in your business.

Can you give me an example of an ISO procedure?

Yes, as an example, in your business you handle documents on a daily basis. But have you ever thought about specific procedures and processes related to the handling, updating, storage and retrieval of these documents?

I’m sure if I asked you how your documents are updated and who approves changes you could answer quite easily. But do you have a written explanation of how you handle documents? ISO outlines a set of specific criteria for document handling.

Document handling, or as ISO calls it, “Document Control” is just one example of everyday practices ISO have standardised.

I think I understand. Can you put it more simply?

Simply put, an ISO standard outlines several requirements (clauses) you must meet in order to be considered compliant with a particular standard.

ISO 9001 focuses on issues related to consistent production of a quality outcome for your clients.

ISO 14001 focuses on a consistent approach to protecting the environment.

AS/NZS 4801 focuses on creating and maintaining a safe work environment for all concerned.

Why have I been asked to get ISO certification?

There are a number of reason’s you may have been asked to comply with an ISO standard.

For example:

• You may have a client or potential client who will only deal with suppliers who possess certification to the ISO standards
• Most government or local council tenders require certification and a large percentage of their selection criteria is weighted toward companies who carry these certifications
• You may supply a client who is now working with (or has become) a tier one contractor and they now require their suppliers to gain certification to keep supplier contracts or relationships in place

What steps do I take to get certified to an ISO standard?

There are just two parts to ISO certification, each with a number of steps.

PART 1: Prepare your business and documentation for ISO certification audit

PART 2: Select auditing body and receive audit

At Surecert we help you with part 1. Then we guide you through part 2 to make sure everything runs smoothly and you get your certification quickly and easily.

Next Steps:

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